Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Life, Gazing At The Lake Below

Two poems written within minutes of each other. One goes somewhere else, and the other to a high place near an Idaho lake. I think I wanted to be anywhere but work. I think I wanted someone to come and remove me to somewhere more suitable. I occasionally write directly to my dreams, which are of some other world, not this one.

Another Life

My toes sprouted roots
Also my soles, callused heels
As I stood between
The stars and on the gravel
Of my arid old home world.

Those roots sank deep, found
The ancient cool ground water,
Drew it up to me.

My arms sprouted feathery
Green fronds waving to far friends
Among the shining stars
Who came and settled on me
Bringing news and hope.


Gazing At The Lake Below

As Tuesday begins
I stand at a higher place
There to see the past.

The sky paints itself with rays
Stretched long and drawn red on clouds
Recalling me, and me,
I recall dreams I had then.

I feel the cool wind.


  1. "My arms sprouted feathery Green fronds waving to far friends Among the shining stars Who came and settled on me Bringing news and hope."

    kinda like your BLOG.... its feathery green fronds waving to far friends to come and visit..... bringing news and hope.


  2. I am sure this is a compliment, not easily earned from the ghost who steps carefully and gracefully across the scintillations of Indra's Net. The tree will be my desktop until some other playpretty displaces it.

  3. it's a Banyon tree.... they are very interesting and have an unique and impressive root system that drops directly from the branches....

  4. Not to put too fine a point on it, I believe the preferred spelling is banyan. I know you are following the site's spelling. tho' it seems heavily banyon in Hawaii for some reason...

  5. yes... i thought it was Banyan tree also.... but i did Banyon because that is what the URL said.... i double checked in order to make doubly sure i goofed the spelling up correctly....

    the concept of Indra's net is fascinating.... it has apparently been used as a metaphor for the internet, and concepts for internet architecture..... also interesting is Indra a kind of a war god (and more of course), with the internet hatched within the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).... it is Indra's Net in a lot of ways....


  6. Interesting site. I have been messing with that data since Holy Blood, Holy Grail was a newly published book. By now "It is very important..."

    Yet I like the idea of believing in certain conspiracies. They "ought" to be true. There is new information on this site for me. I very much like the name, "The Weavers". I have no idea if that is made up of whole cloth, so to speak. I have never heard that before, that the Cathars were also called the Weavers. I have spent a bit of time in this conspiracy thing. It surprises me I have never heard this name. Or maybe it doesn't.

  7. i looked at the source site as well..... interesting story.....

    the guy thinks he is going to reap some code out of the internet i think.

    it did make me want to research the Cathars because i've never heard an historical claim of this nature either....

    my first exposure to the "weaver" meme was in a Hollywood movie staring that lady with the big lips and it was about assassins.

    anyway..... i was trying to show you the pretty picture of the internet, not suggest that i was offering some conspiracy theory as a favorite.

    as far as a metaphorical meme, is not humanity itself almost spider-like in its meaning-making endeavors....

    we spin spin spin and we can find the artifacts of our spinning all over the place.....

    the WWW is an apt moniker for our endeavors to spin and communicate in ever widening circles....

  8. Ghost, especially in my love poems weaving shows up. It is a rich visual and emotional meme. That's a good word. I wish I was Richard Dawkins, but only in this context, that he invented the idea and it has stuck. Weaving leaves its original context and transforms very easily. If I didn't use meme then metaphor is the word.

    Hearts weave together. That makes complete sense.

    I weave dreams.

    Stories weave together quite literally and often in novels.

    Marriage in the best sense weaves lives together, though when marriages get worse there are tangles and knots, and even there the metaphor works.

    Meme is a metaphor that lives.

    A forest is a weaving, and the best garden, and the flights of birds as they keep their relationships...

    My intention weaves with yours in these discussions...


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