Saturday, January 31, 2009

He Spoke Shadows, Time For Sale

Here is a different kind of power. Not mine. This man does his thing all across the land, above and below board, and with that special kind of arrogance revered in the world. This is about the power of the word. This is about the kind of power we give to those who seek it skilfully.

He Spoke Shadows

This man spoke shadows
Into being, his strange thin lips
Well trained in power.

My ears, once shadows as well,
Grew large as I heard those words.

My heart moved further
Down the way, past his strong stand.
It's done, thank God, done.


I am not as constant as I should be, I guess. At least I can write this poem, show you this side of me...

Time For Sale

I tried to write you,
To offer my time for sale.
I have a supply.

I put a tall Sycamore
Nearby, that tree at the creek.

Then I thought again,
Decided to keep my time.
Keeping the tree too.


  1. That first one is powerful, dark and wizardly. It insists on being read over and over.

  2. Hi Rachel. We just keep writing. All will be well.

  3. Heh... you can write your way out of that one.

  4. magische poëzie

    taal gesponnen door spiders
    symbool shapes
    kranen fascinatie
    ik zal een feit
    voordat zin jelled


  5. Ghost, you crack me up.

    and with that,
    with the finish of the chant,
    with the incense
    burned to ash,
    and the glow of demon's breath
    still in the air,
    the ghost turns
    and wanders off.

  6. Thanks for the encouragment in your lovely poem. I'll visit again.

  7. Diane, welcome.

    I read deeper in your archives where you posted an article on the new communication medium we have here. Multimedia plus if you want thorough role play. I keep that in mind. I know of a woman in my home town who blogs as a man.

    This is an amazing place to work creatively, do what needs doing, gather an audience if you want. They seem to just show up. I am just amazed at the creativity I find here. There are so many who can do the work. It is a new era.


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