Friday, January 23, 2009

Morning Road, I Once Saw

If I grow spiritually, perhaps I can someday, maybe not this lifetime, walk on water, walk on beams of light.

The last verse was revised tonight.

Morning Road

To my right, the lake
Blinds me with light from the sun
Low in the clear sky.

The gravel of this road sounds
Scratchy as I walk along.

Instead I would choose
To walk the light road, the road
Of sunshine's rising.


I have a long memory tucked away, perhaps in my bones. That's the only explanation for poems like these.

I Once Saw

God sees the long shape of me
All at once, and me,
I once saw this too.

But that was between my lives.

All I have is small
Plodding steps, flat feet.

I recall your eyes
Lighting my heart, God close by.
I recall your touch.


  1. I liked the first poem very much. Where did you live in the bay area?
    Have a great weekend.

  2. I was born in Berkeley, high school in Santa Clara, college in San Jose. Welcome to you, matey.

  3. I love these two poems - they are thought provoking and introspective. - Deep examination of your feelings here.

    I finally made it over here...and it has been worth it. Liked perusing here.

  4. You have presence among the blogs I am hanging with, like Julie B. and Jo H. and all. I am happy to welcome you the the Northern Wall. I am a minimalist blogger with few bells and whistles, but I am heartfelt.

  5. I am struck by your beam of light!
    I came to your site through Rachel,from way beyond that Noordwal.

  6. Your writing is beautiful, Christopher

  7. Tracey-Ann, thank you. You are always welcome in my world.


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