Friday, January 9, 2009

Seeking, Fulfillment

Who is this "you"? Sometimes I have someone specific in mind, or more than one by the time the poem is ended. Sometimes it might be god, lower case. That would be because god is intimate and loves to be used. God is a lover. Or I take my cue from Hindu custom, Namaste, the divine within, so not you but the divine within you. So actually, you are welcome to take "you" personally or not, divinity or not.


I want to find you.
They tell me you've gone away
Far enough. I feel
You gone but I don't want that.
I want to sit beside you
Or on your warm lap -
Or may I live in your heart.
Never let me go.


The photo was of a white picket fence with a red rose entwined. It looked very pleased with itself.


I do squeeze through it,
The space between long white slats,
Reaching out to bloom.

Along the way my leaves shift
And twist and sharpen to thorns.
And then, with full force
I turn myself loose. I change,
Become fully formed.

In this blissful crimson time
I am beyond all other
Wonders and rosy
Beyond all belief.
I am sweet scented, not fenced.


  1. Perfect last line! I also love these words:

    "I do squeeze through it,
    The space between long white slats,
    Reaching out to bloom."

    Beautiful as always! I have missed you, Christopher. I've missed your beautiful words. It's so nice to have a reprieve between travel times to relax with a drink and read! Thanks so much for sharing and for your friendship. It has been a pleasure.

    Okay, enough of my sentimental slobbering...ha ha. You're not getting rid of me that easy:) I will be back again and again. Take care and keep up the wonderful work.

  2. Your blog is wonderful. I have been enjoying reading your posts. I particularly like "Seeking". Seems to me, no matter what we have in our lives, we are all still seeking somehow.

  3. Thank you kindly, Julie. You know I am happy and proud to consider you a friend already.

    And Faith, I enjoyed myself on your site, look forward to more.


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