Sunday, December 14, 2008

Textual Intercourse, Force

The snow has fallen lightly but steadily all day. I had stuff to do here, didn't go anywhere today. Untangled the computer. Learned more about my novice digital camera. Did this and that. Let my cat stay house warm (instead of open garage warm). Learned a little more about Blogger.

I believe in words, even perhaps spells. I would be careful with that, though. I make my living as an engineer, am trained in science and mathematics. If I say I am a shaman, I might mean something a little different than someone without that training might mean.

Textual Intercourse

I roll in the hay
Of your mind and my words spread
Fragrance far and wide.

Gracious words reach deep, transform
The waste into starry hope.

Then we come awake,
Shining starlit eyes display
Love, strength, deeper truth.

I am not an idealist either, though I prefer dreams and visions and fantasy. I don't follow Plato. But I love stories. Then I turn to the people in my life and they save me, bring me back.


I wield a strong sword
With all the force of my dreams.
It cuts my own heart.

You appear, see the fresh wound
And sew it closed with new thread.

This is how you save
An odd old man from acting
As an odd old troll.


  1. Here's a really sophisticated and poetic comment. Wow!!

    All kidding aside, I think these two are your best yet (or at least your best that I have read). The entire first stanza in "Textual Intercourse" is astounding. I love words, and I love the idea of the fragrance of words, as well as "rolling in the hay" of words. It's what I do every day, so I can relate. But the music of the lines is also superb.

    In "Force," sewing the heart with a new thread is again excellent. And the ending is also a powerful force. Beautiful work, Christopher!

  2. Julie, it is no doubt the truth, or at least I hope there is no doubt. Since I am practicing every day, it has to work out that way. I am literally becoming better at wielding the 5-7 forms I am working with. This is no different from practice with any instrument. I am a musician and know that I have to have at least five minutes every day just to hold still, not regress in my fluidity. More like an hour a day if I wish to progress.

    I am also interacting with more really fine poets directly. Cross pollination. This is another terrific aspect to blogging. Blogging in my life is about interacting with writers. A big surprise - blogging is just about the best way for writers to interact, heh. In living, dynamic here and now written words, and works. Just amazing. Thank you for permitting me presence on your blog.


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