Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holding Still, Crooked House

Looking hard at really cold weather for this neck of the woods. Was just out in it and can feel it coming. I think it's going to be colder than any time last year. This first poem goes back to the marigolds still in bloom this year. I have wild marigolds. They reseed every year and come up across my front yard. I am happy with that, even with the tiny wild pansies that still survive from years ago when I had several nursery pansies planted. They seeded too. What comes up looks nothing like the nursery pansies.

Holding Still

I hold still for you,
So still that flowers speed by,
Marigolds racing.

I hold so still that my cat
Forgets me and goes her way.

Even more still, I
Forget me and leave my mind
To find your true heart.


I saw a crooked birdhouse and thought what it would be like to live there.

Crooked House

I am at a loss.
Why is our house so crooked?
I've tried to be nice.

Stepping outside is awkward
With so long a drop right there.

I pick at itches
Under my feathers and pray
You will come back home.

Perhaps I am wrong, but it is my experience that women don't put up with just anything...


  1. Wrap up warm there, Christopher!

  2. It is snowing full bore this morning

  3. Beautiful poems, Christopher. I love the image of the marigolds racing in "Holding Still." It's definitely a nice image for a cold day.

    I also like "picking at itches" in "Crooked House." Lovely work.

  4. Julie, if you're a bird in the wild, lice and other things likely keep you picking.


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