Monday, December 8, 2008

Climbing The Mountain, Dragon Dreams

In the Wilhelm/Baynes translation of I Ching at one point Richard Wilhelm points out that there is something joyless and ponderous about the self taught, one of the risks of not learning in public or at least in tandem. I have some experience with this challenge and tend to agree.

Climbing The Mountain

I was self taught, then
Found the good friends who changed me.
I am much lighter.

As I have climbed the mountain,
I too have earned a small grace

Which I wear close cropped
As the beard on my face, as
The joy in my heart.


I do play well with others. I know it so. Still I need much time to myself, more I am sure than most. I was an only child and learned solitary pursuits at quite a young age. So I tend to be a loner. I have finally in the last couple years lived alone, well not quite since I have a cat, and my backyard studio is rented by a friend of twenty years. I am not lonely, even in the nooks and crannies of my secret soul. This is okay.

It has crossed my mind that dragons are mostly loners too.

Dragon Dreams

If my backbone rose
Into thin air, was snowy
And stiff with such age,
I would have smoky breath too.

Instead I am mild mannered,
With secret desires.

I wish a set of long claws,
And green glowing scales.


  1. Hi, Christopher! Beautiful poems. I especially love "Climbing the Mountain." I know many people who are self taught but are also experts in their fields. You have portrayed the struggles of a solitary loner in an excellent piece.

    "Dragon Dreams" is also a lovely poem. I know what you mean about being a loner. Well, I guess I'm not a complete loner. But I never have enough time alone, and people don't understand a writer's need to be away from the world, do they?

    Beautiful, as always. I have enjoyed your work very much!

  2. Hi Christopher, I enjoyed the gentle thoughts and images of your poems. I'll be looking forward to read more of your writings...

  3. Welcome George, and thank you for stopping by.


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