Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Decapitation, Trap Door

I was just asked to clarify myself in matters of crime, punishment, justice. This is so very difficult. Mostly I stay with mercy and love. My experience is that justice is seldom achieved on the planet, at least not as meted out by men. Not on fields of honor, not in the courts, certainly not on the battlefield.

I saw an internet video of a snake head, bodiless, a viper, who was still trying to defend itself as it died not so quickly. It broke something inside me.


If I was a snake
With just my head left because
Evil took the rest,

I would snap and snap, fading,
Hating, calling on my God.

I would possibly
Ask for vengeance, possibly
For peace, forgiveness.


We are all condemned. Life is a sentence of death. Yet it is not only that.

Trap Door

In the last long time
Before, condemned, I drop through
The final trap door,

I recall all the answers
I've ever given, lies, truth.

But I ask you now
In gentle light, in true love,
And asking saves me.


  1. hello! Your blog is nice ....
    Would you exchange a link with my site?

    Ciao ciao from Italy

  2. Thanks for your comment. I don't know Italian at all and so cannot judge whether or not your blog is related to my world.

  3. I say:
    "It's All-One-World-Living-Spam!"

  4. Watch out for the trap door.

    (Click the 'Listen Now' button to hear the tune - one of my fave T-Bone songs)


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