Sunday, December 7, 2008

Free Tunes, Harsh Times

What - nine lines? Oh... three linked haikus. They can stand alone. They don't, but it is a strange story. By the way, is the Recluse actually a spider?

Free Tunes

I have a coupon.
It was stashed in my old boot
Next to the Recluse.

I shook my boot out.
The Recluse scuttled away
To my other boot.

The coupon says, “Free
Tunes are yours for the asking!”
So now I’m asking.

This one is a true story, a rude event, a sad heart. There are many squirrels in our neighborhood and generally they are way too clever to have any trouble even though there are many cats in the neighborhood as well. I am happy to have squirrels who are not vermin in my world, since I have nothing that they bother. Even the birdfood I put out. They can't get there.

Harsh Times

At the garage door
Displayed full length, headless squirrel
Bathed in autumn sun.

Not my cat, she's way too old.
A gift from some visitor.

My heart breaks at times -
Thinking from the squirrel's view
Of fangs sinking in.


  1. Probably the ghost of my ex-cat, a black and wild yellow-eyed feline, name of Walter Ego, and who lived to skin squirrels and leave them in the doghouse. Got his though - captured by drunken coyotes.

    Here's yer 'lil boot scooter.

  2. But what if the Recluse is a mean little person, a cold hearted antisocial, anticlerical, ahistorical piece of old egg slime of a troll?

  3. I won't argue with your description of me, except that I'm not all that old!

  4. I heard you were 732 years old last July 18. Taoist Tea is remarkably potent.

  5. It's a wild world. Specially round here...


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