Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Birds In The Dogwood

These are two of the dozen or so goldfinches who are hanging around my sunflower seed feeder.


  1. Lesser Goldfinchii, no doubt. American Goldfinches are all yellow, and Lawrence's Goldfinches have a distinct black forehead.

    I've yet to see the all-yellow variety. Lawrence's I saw in southern California.

    Pics are fun, huh?

  2. I have cruddy phone lines and no speed in them so no, they are not that fun.

    Yes, lesser. But the yellow is really bright sometimes. Don't know where the house finches went. I count an even dozen all crowded in sometimes at the feeder.

  3. She's sitting there chirping to him, "I said I wanted to go to San Diego and you said, 'Noooo, Portland is soooo much nicer.'"


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