Sunday, December 28, 2008

Present, Love's Long Lake

As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, when I was posting the most finished of my older poetry, I had a lover/muse once. That was over in 2001. I have over a hundred poems from that time, all love poems and it is still easy for me to write them when I have the right inner space. Now I write to the lover in my heart since I do not have one and haven't for a few years. The two I post here are those kind of poems, and they arose I suppose out of nostalgia.

I think of myself as a married man. I married one time, was married over twenty years, would still be married were that possible. The thing about living single, I wish for the companionship of one woman but know that all my women have had the same complaint at one point or another, that they don't know why I love them. I am too singular and self contained, and they are confused, not understanding where they fit in. So I refuse to rush in. I have found no one that seems possible and I have begun to think I probably won't.

But my power is lessened in some way.


You bestow on me
This moment, this chance to love,
This pure white blossom
Of heart and song, tone and rhyme.

I also bestow on you
My few gifts, too few
For my liking and too poor,
Yet I'm here, my love.

Love's Long Lake

I wish I knew you
Like I know the stones I pick,
The sidearm skimmers
That dance across the water
In the play of light and waves,
Then happy to sink
At last into the deeper
Heart of love's long lake.

I believe I was gazing at a photo of a flower, a white rose probably, in relation to that first poem. The second arose out of a wilderness photo of a lakeshore.


  1. Christopher
    Hello. Do you accept links or followers? I find I am running into you everywhere..or at least at some of my favorite online places. Most recently over at Mole with The Laughing God. I like your work. Glad you are in this Poetry universe.

  2. Thanks Linda. I do accept links and followers.

  3. You make me want to be a pebble, or, when I grow up, a stone; and if I were that stone I would journey to find that lake, that one lake to sink myself in, to drown in the heavenly waters of woman, and failing that, I'd settle for a little drowning in wine. :-D

  4. If it was wine it would have to be a bottomless lake...

  5. Thanks for visiting, Tree. I'm too lazy to get that accent mark like I should.


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