Sunday, September 2, 2012

You Can't Make It Up - A Magpie Tale

Albert Bloch's Summer Night - 1913
Courtesy Tess Kincaid

You Can't Make It Up

This is what happens
during the blue moon, you said
floating off stage right.
It is confusing
I must admit. Then I scratch
myself, my stray itch
brought on by the likes
of you and your departure.
You will leave a hole
that no elephant
can fill, trunk or no, I say.
The lighting is odd.

September 2, 2012 11:13 AM

Written for The Mag. *click here*


  1. Melancholy and lovely...I didn't notice the elephant trunk until now...

  2. I like the effects of the blue moon, the departure of which can never be replaced ~ The drink I described in my post is an asian delicacy, like bubble tea ~

  3. There seem to be a lot of happenings during the Blue moon. You've nicely indicated it, Chris!


  4. Very creative take on the prompt...

  5. Is the humor intentional or just my weird thinking? I mean there is more 'oddities' going on here than just the lighting. I found your last line funny and I laughed out loud. It was so understated. I loved this, Christopher, thanks. =D

  6. the lighting is odd...but i know that hole and it def will color everything just like a blue moon...great to see you today...

  7. Is the humor intentional? Ummm. I will have to check. Tess thought it was melancholy. I will have to check on that too. Grace thought the Blue Moon had the responsibility. Ritva liked it that I actually have to scratch from time to time. Hank thought I was pretty busy and Berowne that I was pretty good at this. Linda suspects me of intentional humor and Brian thinks the odd lighting is def the Blue Moon. I am still checking. I will get back to you all on this if I ever find out what's really going on.

  8. Strange what happens when a blue moon appears - all hell breaks loose!

  9. I never did find out what the hell.


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