Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Butcher's Temper

The Butcher's Temper

I'm glad you don't know
what happens when I'm all steamed,
those shit things you say
to me as if it
was my fault we're in this soup.
If you knew how I
sever you, take your
fingers off and your poor toes
one by one, careful
to stop the bleeding
you would be glad I just hack
the mushrooms and meat.

‎September ‎18, ‎2012 8:32 PM

I have to give homage to Rachel at The Waxing Moon for the idea I used here. I love her work by the way. The other source (of the first lines):

I'm your wicked Uncle Ernie
I'm glad you won't see or feel me
as I fiddle about...

Uncle Ernie is a character in the Rock Opera Tommy by The Who. Uncle Ernie sang Fiddle About written by John Entwistle, and is a song about a homosexual pedophile. In early live performances Entwistle sang the song. In later live performances it was sung by Keith Moon. John Entwistle is arguably the best rock bassist who ever was, though he himself once stated that the Who didn't have a proper bassist. Rolling Stone readers once rated Entwistle number one.

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