Sunday, September 16, 2012

Venus And The Sailor - A Magpie Tale

courtesy Tess at Magpie Tales

The thing about Dali, he was prolific from the outset and mature in his craft at a very early age. This Venus and the Sailor is one of three expressions of the same idea. The first two paintings, this and another, were done the year Dali was twenty-one, in 1925. The later expression was done in 1926 when Dali turned twenty-two and is an homage to a Catalan poet, political activist and member of the Catalan avant-garde whom Dali admired, a man named Joan Salvat-Papasseit. Joan died in 1924 when he was only thirty years old.

Venus And The Sailor

I was twenty one
and still drafting on my soul.
You were twenty one
and laying it down
on the easel of the world.
You spoke all those tongues
and wore those strange duds,
and I ran behind my home
boys trying to find
some way to live in
my time - you a swab caught by
the love of goddess
and me the love in the hope
of a warm white light.

September 16, 2012 11:32 AM

the other Venus And The Sailor also done by Dali in 1925

And the homage to Joan Salvat-Papasseit:


  1. This is wonderful. I particularly like your opening lines, '... still drafting on my soul.
    You were twenty one
    and laying it down
    on the easel of the world.'

  2. Love the contrasts here...well done...

  3. How they tally and found a fit in their love. Meant for each other so they say! Nicely Chris!


  4. You and I approached it from the same angle. Good work.

  5. Loved your additional pictures, as well as your haunting words...

  6. And bless you for removing the WV horror! Long may you be robot free. :)

  7. great piece and thanks for the addition works...

  8. I just erased five more spam comments and I fail to see why I should have to do all this effing housekeeping when word ver. gets rid of it!

  9. Nice write, and thanks for the added insight about Dali, too.


  10. We all have a different time line... it amazes me how we all have the same 24 hours in a day, but yet, some get SO much done. I like the painting Tess chose the best, but thanks for showing them!

  11. Lovely poem, and thank you for the extra information too.

  12. Great stuff, Chris, loving Dali must have been like trying to passionately embrace a man whose soul is busy plumbing the Mariana Trench , and even when he was sort of around, getting him to take off the dripping space suit would have been a feat in itself ! , cheers

  13. Kutamun, I think you are right about that. Dali was very much intent on being a work himself. He lived somewhat as he painted. He was a bonafide member of an artistic elite and he made sure people knew that more or less instantly. I think your image is apt indeed.

    Berowne, I read your piece and was impressed we did much the same with this week's prompt. Of course it is straight up the obvious thing to do for people like you and me. I am pleased that even though we both chose the same resources the posting was quite different. I liked your touch on the symbolism.


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