Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Might Be Pissed - 3WW

Thom writes:
Each week, I post three words. You write something using the words.

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This week's words:

Hinge; Lethal; Need

Might Be Pissed

I'm a well oiled hinge,
might as well be, I suppose.
You open me up,
hang your doors on me,
use me though I am wearing
down. I harbor thoughts,
lethal thoughts I guess.
I need more from you,
or less - if I took an axe
to your panels, would
please me no end to
hear the thunks, see splinters fly
and see through the holes.

September 12, 2012 6:01 AM

I'm done now.


  1. Why Word Verification: What I had originally as a problem was not a one time spam comment but a repeater that wouldn't stop. I would remove it and then it would repost. That's what caused me to remove the one post and convinced me that Word Verification was necessary. I don't mind removing the occasional
    spam, but I drew the line at incessant badgering and I will again if it shows up.

  2. Very nice writing. Glad to see that WV is gone.

  3. Those little doubts at the ends of the lines are so powerful..i suppose..i guess..i hope the swing of that axe feels good..jae

  4. Anger can be a hard thing to get in touch with sometimes. It certainly likes to disguise itself as other emotions. Good job with the 3WW!

  5. control that anger, and don't get so un-hinged! nice write

  6. I don't think your angst is as bad as your angel. No only has she wrecked the roof, and ceiling she done the bed in as well. Quite a challenging look she is giving you; I would butter her up (metaphorically that is!)

  7. I will metaphorically roll her in butter and fry her up, after I pluck her feathers...think she will hold still for all that?

    I thought showing who is treating me like this might deepen things a little. Reminds me of the song, "if it feels this good being used, then baby use me up!" Maybe not.

    Then it's me as young Abe Lincoln doing the Honesty.

  8. First two spam comments, not even a day after I removed word ver.! This is why I don't like open comments.

  9. You guys are going to see the count, how often I get spam in my back posts until I cave and put word ver. back up. I don't know about you but I think it's going to be a good deal of work.

  10. Odd, I find Blogger's spam filter very good. No spam gets through. Often the spam attempts are aimed at old posts (why?). I sometimes have moderation on for posts older than a week.

    Aside from that, the poem has an interesting folksy feel. All the supposing, I suppose.

    1. Spam hits the old posts, robots trolling for keywords and dates, I bet. The longer on line and the more daily your posting(stability) and the more variety your posting has, then the more likely robots will find it among the thousands of others they find. They "comment" wherever they can, and word ver. is the final barrier. They are active globally and rely on keywords to activate the search engines. In a matter of minutes after I removed word verification a particular robot found access to me because I come up early on searches anymore. I have posts that have been accessed thousands of times and the post in question is one of those. At Kraft, the company I work for we would occasionally get email spam that posted hundreds of times and filled our mailboxes corporate wide globally, stopping up our email capacity.

    2. Spam is of two kinds, advertising for profit, relying on records of successful posting (not I presume tracking how many are then later deleted by blog owners), and for fun and training by hackers and trainees working on the trolling algorithms.

    3. Oh by the way. Because I have email signals of comments. This shit hits my email inbox too.

  11. Funny. I have been hit six times on the same post with the same spam, less than twenty four hours after I took word verification off. Last time this happened, I removed the offending post (I hate that) and then put word verification on. I don't understand why I should always have to clean my stuff when I can do word verification easily myself. I don't think it's that hard.

  12. might be pissed?!? I suppose if you truly were you'd pick up the axe and chop away. Nice verse!


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