Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One Stupid Wraith - 3WW

Thom writes:
Each week, I post three words. You write something using the words.

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This week's words:

Chance; Entice; Savor

...were born three beautiful puppies. The father is Butch's Take The Money and Run...

One Stupid Wraith

You should take this chance,
this last damn chance. He dithered,
seeming to waver
where he stood, half baked,
smokey, shivering like glass.

Strange that he would come
to me now, a bad
penny bent on this purpose:
to entice my play,
that I should savor
this gig, should take the money
and the dog and run.

September 26, 2012 6:15 AM

...and as posted on Whiskey River, shared with my gratitude:
"The truth is you already know what it's like. You already know the difference between the size and speed of everything that flashes through you and the tiny inadequate bit of it all you can ever let anyone know. As though inside you is this enormous room full of what seems like everything in the whole universe at one time or another and yet the only parts that get out have to somehow squeeze out through one of those tiny keyholes you see under the knob in older doors. As if we are all trying to see each other through these tiny keyholes.

But it does have a knob, the door can open. But not in the way you think. The truth is you've already heard this. That this is what it's like. That it's what makes room for the universes inside you, all the endless inbent fractals of connection and symphonies of different voices, the infinities you can never show another soul."
- David Foster Wallace


  1. Very cute puppy. I hope he's yours. Take the money and run. :)
    I think life has endless doors leading to endless different paths, and, we get to choose our own destiny. Life, it's an amazing thing, isn't it. Thanks for the visit.

  2. It's not my dog. It is however reminiscent of a dog belongs to my friend Mike and also of the one his new one replaces. Called Yoda, that dog would turn circles, and those circles always to the left. We guessed it an inner ear thing. Yoda passed, a sad thing.

    This puppy's father has to be pure bred. Nobody would name a dog Take The Money And Run unless it was pure bred. The puppy is a stranger to me. The cat who hangs out here, named Hell Boy by his former humans and who is not owned by anyone, this cat would not care for a puppy pretty much ever.

  3. Bad pennies are apt at delivering with such a cute face must be picked up and taken into the fold..whichever path you take chances are you'll end up in the same place..maybemaybe...jae

    1. Jae, it's not a bad game we playplayplay.

  4. I like the feel of this, especially the image of vulnerability in the first stanza. Excellent work!

  5. What a defence mechanism young animals have against humans, that with an appealing look they put a protective halo around them. We are such suckers.

    1. It is not only humans. The young of the overwhelming majority of species LOOK like the young. Any other species with any altruism toward the young's species will protect them or at least not disturb them.

      That is true despite the mother's defensiveness. It is of course also true that there isn't all that much altruism out there. Altruism is a minority survival strategy, even though we wish for more of it or at least say we do.

  6. love the visual you portray in the first stanza.

    very nice piece!


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