Sunday, February 5, 2012

Too Far Gone

A grave at the Novodevichy Cemetery, Moscow.

Too Far Gone

You cradle my lines
in the sculpted hands we gave
the world right after
your revolution.

Oh I know how you feel now,
the outlaw strains on
your inner fathoms
and I would give anything
to settle this all down.

February 5, 2012 1:50 PM

Written for this week's Magpie Tales

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  1. Lots of layers here...and a lovely romantic feel...

  2. the outlaw strains of your inner fathom...that is a whole story itself...very nice...

  3. You make me want to know more about this pair.


  4. lots going on here...the cradling, the revolution..and just love ...the outlaw strains on
    your inner fathoms...

  5. nicely done indeed...thanks for sharing your words......City Books...the Diggers...the Dead...Janis....Country Joe...Fillmore West.....somehing to remember eh?

  6. You've set me pondering on you meanings...

  7. .. this is lovely, Christopher.

  8. I'm so're still an awesome write! :)

    LOVE this!

    The Collage Pirate


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