Monday, February 13, 2012

In Lucy's Kitchen


Every year I get a cranefly, sometimes more than one, in my bathroom. I don't notice them elsewhere in my house. I suppose this is because there is a skylight in my bathroom and that makes the bathroom light the most like daylight in my house. I love these craneflies. They are so delicate and short-lived. Now Lucy posted *click here* on her kitchen lacewing fly. She also posted concerning her new passport. In that passport is a photo of Lucy, one of the only ones I have seen. I am grateful for that. My inner vision of Lucy has been all over the map and of course not at all like the photo.

In Lucy's Kitchen

Lacewing eyes casting
about, noticing purple
crisp cover tabled
across the warm air.
Her toes crackle on French glass.
Lacewing dreams travel
across the channel
producing the permission
needed to enter
Brit air on the wing.
Lucy's new passport just glows
and tells on us all.

‎February ‎13, ‎2012 5:15 PM


  1. This is pretty neat. I love lacewings and craneflies, though I always worry about their short reproductive lifespans and try to rescue them when they blunder into my bathroom.


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