Friday, February 24, 2012

Giving Permission

This is a carbon copy of the memo Harry Truman wrote when he gave permission to drop the atom bomb on Japan. It reads:
"Reply to your 41011. Suggestions approved. Release when ready but not sooner than August 2. -HST"

I could have been more frivolous in this poem. Well, yes, I am having a bit of fun here except there is a bit of creepiness in it for me, like I might be pulling my cover a bit and I am not entirely comfortable with that. Maybe it's just a mood. Everything will be better soon.

I'm of course the guy with ideals and one of them is I will live and love as transparently and honestly as possible. However, I must say, it's just that there really seem to be situations where a good lie is better than the truth. Of course the truth is always better than a bad or stupid lie. I do consider myself a master storyteller after all. Wouldn't my lies be beautiful too?? Damn. This is really thick. So yes, come on in. I'll just go in the kitchen and make us some tea. Sit yourself down right here. I'll just be a moment...

Giving Permission

I was saying just
to be saying as I let
you in, let you come
through the door after
you rang the bell, asking my
permission to cross
my soul's main threshold,
but then waving, I slipped out
the open back door.

March 7, 2010 8:38 AM

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