Thursday, February 2, 2012

Object Lesson

Object Lesson

Birds suffer silence
and steely dark eyed after
the fatal world bite
and me, I snivel
at far less even while I
watch them - instruction
in how to die well
of the cruelty handed
out so freely here.

February 2, 2012 12:46 PM


  1. lots going on for me in this poem and the accompanying image. thanks for the opportunities for ongoing reflection... so much of what you write calls me back again and again.

  2. This one speaks to me, too.,

  3. I am glad to see some of my old friends don't flinch. For me this kind of thing is at the core of spirituality - that life eats life is a constant and hard to see free of cruelty when you keep all points of view. If you are like me, then the idea of an inner life in all living beings means that most prey object in similar ways to their own demise. It is obvious that death is required, but it is usually coupled with mortal agony and it is questionable that mortal agony is required.

    Anyway I think the issue a matter for acceptance of sorts but I must also accept the repugnance I feel for the way things are set up. This is true even though I willingly permit the dismantling of plants and animals and take great pleasure in eating. Hypocrisy is almost constant in this area, at least for me.

    Don't you love it when the tension is irresolvable? :P


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