Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Ongoing Argument Between Us

A klieg light style searchlight in service during World War II.

Wiki says: A Klieg light is an intense carbon arc lamp especially used in filmmaking. It is named after inventor John H. Kliegl and his brother Anton Tiberius Kliegl. Modern Klieg lights use a tungsten-halogen filament. They usually have a fresnel lens with a spherical reflector or an ellipsoidal reflector with a lens train containing two Plano Convex lens or a single step lens.

However, many searchlights are also klieg lights. As klieg lights are used in this poem I would recommend keeping in mind the theatrical posture and the warfare connotations at the same time. Often in theatrical use, one places color filters over the lights to both enhance the lighting effects and to soften the light, a calculated pretense.

This poem was inspired by Karen's work, New Wine

The Ongoing Argument Between Us

The harsh call of claims
unvarnished and the klieg lights
of smashed up desire,
yes, the taking of
bitter polar positions
just leaves me breathless
before I can run
away from your deep disdain
and oh! I still bleed.

February 29,2012 6:12 PM

Klieg Lights In Theater

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  1. the lights in the theatre juxtaposed against that photo, quite compelling; loved the poem...


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