Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This Awakening

The Footbridge at Ardingly on the Sussex Ouse Valley Way.

The 42-mile (67 kilometre) fully waymarked Sussex Ouse Valley Way was developed by the 'Per-Rambulations' core team of Terry Owen and Peter Anderson with the support and encouragement of the East and West Sussex County Councils and the Sussex Downs Joint Committee (then the Sussex Downs Conservation Board).

This Awakening

I am the bridge span
standing in the deep deep night
and feel you resting
your arms on the ledge
of me. You search edible
rock from the world's bed,
your pulsing warm blood
exciting me, calling me
to rise up around
your beautiful feet,
caressing your silver bones
as I shift my shape.

November 22, 2009 3:09 AM


  1. I, am the shifter.
    Shaping The bones,
    The lovely bones.

    Another place,
    Another time
    Lost again
    In the in the sea,
    The sands of time.

  2. chris,
    a quite ingenious way to hold the narrative...loved it....more to say if i will...

    Riding on
    The river's tremolo
    Singing wood


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