Friday, April 15, 2011


"Now winter, the winter I am writing about, begins to ease. And what, if anything, has been determined, selected, nailed down? This is the lesson of age – events pass, things change, trauma fades, good fortune rises, fades, rises again but different. Whereas what happens when one is twenty, as I remember it, happens forever. I have not been twenty for a long time! The sun rolls toward the north and I feel, gratefully, its brightness flaming up once more. Somewhere in the world the misery we can do nothing about yet goes on."
- Mary Oliver

Sometimes I really believe it, that I am going to
save my life

a little.
- Mary Oliver
The Return
What Do We Know

Wiki says, Mary Oliver (born September 10, 1935) is an American poet who has won the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize. The New York Times described her as "far and away, America's best-selling poet".

I'm sad to say this one is confessional...


I am wry, diffuse
and ducking jobs high and low,
I will avoid work
as per usual
in this odd pairing of us.
How can you ask me
such a thing as if
it is not enough that I
scrub the God damned pans?

November 20, 2009 8:10 PM


  1. mary oliver is wonderful inspiration; your offerings through april are also inspiring, and some are ironically whimsical, in some ways. and so beautifully mundane.... i love how you do that.

  2. :D If I knew how I did it I would bottle it, if it wasn't too much work.

  3. I have a sink like that at times. And Mary Oliver, my favorite, not just because she's a wonderful poet, but because of what she writes.

  4. and just now when it's enough that you get your dishes done, i had a question for you.
    Who was woman in the window again?
    it is not Erin ,not Faith, do i know her? or only because she used to visit you?
    She left me a lovely comment in december, that i only saw now.
    Same excuse; busy scrubbing pots

  5. Jozien, Woman in a Window was the name of Erin's old blog.

  6. yes :) thanks, it sounded like Erin, i just get confused at times.


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