Tuesday, April 19, 2011


"...no, really, I do not blame the human race or God for this. I suspect the fly in the ointment is the cost of inserting free will into things. I actually believe that quantum mechanics demonstrates that the precursor to free will shows in the private lives of fermions and bosons, especially fermions. We have a little trouble getting fermions and bosons to be definite. They are always going, "but on the other hand..."
- conversation stopper heard on the short bus.

-continuing, "If you want free will in a created universe, it has to be made like this to be lawful. In the aggregate of distressingly huge numbers unfairness develops right along with creatures who exercise the image likeness of God. This all lies at the heart of everything, and we are a very small part of that. That is why it really can't be our fault.

"What I wanted to say," he said stepping down off the bus, "I quite genuinely feel like a stranger here. Bye now."

So do I. I tell stories about that many different ways. Here's one.


I'm standing in line,
The new immigration queue,
Looking for the man
Who will stamp my heart
With welcoming ink and show
Me the ropes I need
To take the high road.

January 8, 2009 3:52 PM
Originally posted May 29, 2009


  1. I am assuming I needed to get stamped before anyone informs me I am one of the lower school students who accidentally emailed the entire school (for three years in a row, with every message)

    but just to be clear, are you telling me that the short cut is the extra long way?

    and if so, are you sure Christopher?

    I mean, like positive? like 100%?

    and if not could you give me a percentage of your surity?

  2. Trust the names of things if you have no other reason to doubt. The short cut is a short cut. It is also not the road most take. It requires a commitment and continual sacrifice of unconsciousness in favor of focus, a defiance of self in favor of higher self.

    The Buddhists say we are privileged to be near the trail head of the short cut, that all the sentient beings nearby including the imaginal ones, all but us two legged hairless apes do not have this option, that this is how we are singled out on the planet rather than being any anointed crown of creation.

    We are blessed by position to actually have two choices in this matter of spirit, but the overwhelming majority of sentient creaturse would choose for the long way because even most of us who could choose the trail prefer the road over the trail. This might change in another life, but it is true in this one.

  3. Okay then, but you would not like me drinking beer. First I would drink mine, then I would drink yours, then looking for money for dope I would rob you blind. If you had a wife I might take her too. Well maybe not but you get the idea, I am better off drinking tea.

  4. good point... you've already changed for the better by just not drinking today.

  5. So far so good...

    I am glad you're my friend.

  6. would you just stamp the damn thing already Christopher!

    i mean... please Christopher


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