Thursday, April 7, 2011

Small Griefs, Cut It Loose - Reprise

There is a fly, a long bodied creature with transparent wings, called a crane fly. These wings have a small dark colored square most of the way out on the front of the wing if I remember right. They are long legged but the legs are so thin and fragile, that I often see them flying with legs missing. They have a tiny proboscis-like brush in front. I have seen them use it on my skin so I guess it is like a nose but it too is so delicate that I feel nothing. There are many of them around. They often wind up in my bathroom, just as this poem claims. My bathroom is the lightest room in my house because of the skylight, but they like the mirror and the white of my tub. They die there. But I think they die pretty quickly, like mayflies do. I like them. I especially like their wings.

Small Griefs

What I want to know,
Why do you and your sisters
Pick my main bathroom
To hang in, then die?
All the time I move your dead
Young bodies aside
And they fall apart
When I do it, so slender
They are, delicate.

And why die so young?

January 14, 2009 9:10 AM


Here's a "not a real poem". The real poem flew away. This is the poem I had to write instead. By the way, it is hard to write up this particular tree. The wind gets in my eyes, blows the led lights all over the place. Also, it is a bitch climbing back down.

Cut It Loose

I cut this poem
Loose from me, from my long grasp
Even before done.
Look at it fly off
To the west after the sun
Setting below me
While I'm up this tree.

I want you to know this works.
My poem's long gone.

January 14, 2009 3:46 PM
First Posted at 6/10/2009 07:35:00 PM


  1. Enjoyed the poems, even the one not real.

  2. christopher, that first poem is hard for me, hard in the way that infants are born and the mind and heart crumble, hard in the way that death comes and what? what? what happens? where did that infant go? and what exactly was it in between? it catches in my throat, an itch, that has no physical being, but that is as real as anything. it is incredibly beautiful.

    the second too. i almost wish they were posted separately. like a sugar cube one day. one sugar cube the next. and inbetween, the waiting and wanting.


  3. these are two beautiful poems,
    how i love your poetry, i forgot :)
    [christopher] i did not forget you

  4. the first poem was deep. simple, yet deep. loved it.

  5. Could've sworn I commented on this already... hm! Well, anyway, I wanted to say they were both beautiful, and I never thought a fly could be so cute.

  6. Thank you, all,

    Many people seem to come by but few comment. Oddly, this would be like ordinary book publishing where you have no contact with the readers unless you go out of your way to set up readings in local sites.

    Anthony, I have been by some and I really feel I see your progress.

    (((Erin))) I couldn't separate these. They went together the first time and felt they had to stay that way.

    Jozien, I don't forget you either.

    Thank you, lines.

    Joseph, you did comment on something lately.


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