Tuesday, April 26, 2011


No post tonight. Thinking about the hotties at the dental clinic and how old they made me feel. I made them laugh at least, though the dental assistant intern was so young we had nothing at all in common. Her mentor was another story. She liked me. I know she did. Went home not with her but with a mouth packed with gauze and a bunch of Percoset. There is a new hole in my mouth and some grief in my heart. Funny how much larger dental stuff is than other things.

At least I am reasonably peaceful and easy in the chair. I used to have a terrible time at the dentist. Now not so bad even though most of the work these days is so much more serious than it was then. My molars are failing.


  1. Hope your mouth is feeling better soon. I'm still terrified of dentists.

  2. Hurts now. Bummer. Drag. Bummer-drag.

  3. Thinks:- does this mean your words have lost their bite?! (Sorry! :))

  4. Eeewww!You had to do it, didn't you? It's now 3AM and I have slept a little but this is still a big drag. Oww. No work today. No way.

  5. it is funny how some things are indicators and others aren't, how some things blow sails and others don't. the hotties make me sad in a way - how we are detached from one another, how we allow barriers like age and context. when really, we could all ask the same philosophical questions. imagine how we might teach one another. i started this last summer. we hire ice-cream girls for the summer in the store and i ask, time to time, so this thing called life...or love...or value. it's funny and sad and meaningful. and sometimes surprising.

    hope your mouth mends soon.

    xo, my friend

  6. I was quite pleased with the "hotties". They distracted me just fine. The dentist was younger than me by quite a bit. He spanned the gap because the youngest one was not too young for him. While they worked on me they were playing guess who is singing on the radio because it was that kind of music for them, while that music was all quite unknown to me.

    Just to put that music in perspective, I am of the generation that does the "remember when this was playing" thing. Just yesterday, it was "how horrible this was" and it was a very young Bobby Goldsboro doing "Honey" from 1968. Perspective: music of the nineties is "old" now. Golden oldies for me are fifties swing tunes done by Sinatra or Bobby Darin. They have been oldies my whole listening life.

    The dentist was a bore, though. He was too obviously teaching the intern. The way he was doing it made me squirm a little. He was showing off. After all, there were two hotties to show off for.


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