Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Taking Guidance - Reprise

This is the color and the Plymouth Arrow that I bought new, but it had an arrow on the hood and was considered a luxury model. I forget what year make it was, '78, I think.

Here's a picture of a 1980 LC Lancer, an Australian version. The decal is very similar to mine. The color of the car not too far away. The striping on the low side panels, I believe I had a version of that too.They quit making the Arrow in 1981.

Interdependence....there is no way I can be me without your presence in my life, whoever you may be. This is not to say that your presence is always pleasant. Life is difficult. Right now my work load is spilling over and stealing from the rest of my life. Right now I choose to support that work process as best I can and that includes quite a bit of extra time and energy. This cuts me off from friends.

Right now an old and crowned tooth has broken off at the root. This happened less than a half hour ago as I wrote that last sentence. I had that tooth root canaled decades ago. It has been failing for a long time. The failure is catastrophic. There is no pain. I need a dentist, perhaps an oral surgeon. I suspect it would have broken anyway had someone tried to pull it out. I do not seek sympathy. This is just a situation. I have been living with this failing tooth aware that perhaps I should do something and chose not to. It is my bed to make and then lie down upon.

There is reality here. I have done with my gold crowned tooth exactly what I tend to do with cars. I keep them until they are worth 25 bucks because someone wants the seats. That was a real offer in my life and I took the money happily. It was that Plymouth Arrow, the only car I ever bought brand new. I drove it until it blew up in old age at 148,000 miles, all of them mine. I had it painted by a trusted friend at the three quarter point. It went from the standard dingy yellowish green with white arrow stripe on the hood to a light brown with gold metal flake. Near the end my mechanic wrapped differently the timing chain which was stretching and changed the cylinder firing timing to suit the new wrap. I lost power but my timing chain didn't snap and kill the car as sometimes happened with Arrows. Instead I finally had to get a new radiator. The increased water pressure blew the cylinder head apart. The timing chain or the thin aluminum cylinder head were the two weak items in the Mitsubishi made Plymouth Arrow. My tooth just cracked like that old cylinder head blew.

Taking Guidance

That you stretch the lines
Is one reason - I never
Color well between
Lines myself. I watch
What others do and decide
What my life will be,
How I should cherish
Your heart, how to say this thing,
How to love this world.

January 9, 2009 7:31 AM
Poem originally posted May 29, 2009


  1. i understand absolutley in regards to teeth. i have been having nightmares about teeth for about 25 years, as though they are a metaphor for our physical rusting out, our unavoidable demise. i accept the demise now, more or less. the dreams have abated. and so recently i have broken a tooth that has been root canalled and rebuilt twice already. there was a moment of panic and a certain plan in place without thought, that of course, this tooth must be reconstructed. and then i looked at robert who is 55 and how he lives with his history and a mouth full of broken teeth (however, he has a mighty fine smile) and i realized, no, i can live with this imperfect/perfect tooth. i am almost 41. it is time. and so i chew around it. test it time to time, chew with it, endure the pain, relearn to chew around it, clean it best i can. it is a constant telling to me that i am at least half way there, more likely moreso. it is more evident to me than my crow's feet. and i have had a choice. and i choose.


  2. Yes, the dental thing. I have poor teeth, soft and easily damaged. I had good dental care as a child and then I wandered off the reservation. Now I am losing teeth as a feature of aging and wearing out, all in the back. I have lost two on the bottom on my right side and one on the top on my left. Two on my left are broken, counting the one that just cracked off, and one is a false implanted tooth. One of the broken ones cuts my tongue and I live with that.


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