Friday, April 22, 2011

Firing God - Reprise

Firing God ceramic by Chun Wen Wang, 1996, found in the Smithsonian collection

Here's a concept. The last time I posted this poem I did not say that this firing God concept is actually born of the challenges of AA sobriety. In AA many people take the original intent seriously enough that they take on the 12 step discipline and work toward something called a spiritual awakening. Many people have arrived at the crossroads when they come to AA. The devastation is deep enough that they are forced to do something and so they actually make the kind of deep changes that modern psychology claims is rarely the case, that most of us never change to any great extent. It has always been an AA opinion that such a change is beyond human power and yet is common in AA experience.

Part of the trouble though, is that alcoholics of a common stripe have many difficulties with God. Thus an AA advisor may say, "fire your God and borrow mine on a temporary basis until you find out who your new God is."

Firing God and hiring a new and improved God is one possible way station on the path toward a spirit filled life. This is all born out of the art of the possible. How do we get them sober? Any way we can.

Firing God

God, you're keeping score?
I fired you for that
Back in the last days of Earth.
Don't come around here
With your tally marks.
I'll have to thump your noggin.
Imagine talking
To you like I do.
It's what comes from old friendship.

January 6, 2009 9:34 AM

I think Chun Wen Wang did not mean by "Firing God" what I meant. :D I like the piece however, and it is something that comes up when you Google "Firing God".


  1. Now it makes sense: why I heard thundering and lightening and a voice booming "Fire Me!!?? FIRE YOU!!!!"

    and then I really got scared because I thought I heard more words that F and You words, I thought I heard names. And so I got scared that maybe God was in an all ending argument me Jesus The Christ.

    Maybe he was saying your name. Why don't you go draw thunder from some other state Christopher, this is Origin, and I have to live here.

  2. Christopher this is eary. Again, Before reading your poem or the post . The eather has spoken of you to me. It told me I could fire god all I want but he wont fire me or accept my resignation.
    With love
    He ment well (maby does well sometimes)

  3. Well, Who, I have every intent on sharing the joy, and defiance is my middle name. However, after a lifetime of arguing with God, it mostly boils down to a sense of humor both ways.

  4. And Mr. Well, exactly. God is infinite and so is His patience. Thus it is that He invites us to turn the other cheek in his image and likeness "seventy times seven" which was Greek slang for infinitely.

  5. Helloo my friend.
    Old friendship indeed
    It's all bollox if you ask me.....

  6. Ms. Zombie, I understand you are in unfair distress.

    When I say old friendship, I mean OLD friendship - far longer than the span of this strange trip.

  7. There was a a couple typos in my sarcastic comment Christopher, but I don't think "humor" in regards to either of you two does the situation any justice. You two and his son are outright twisted, when it comes to a sense of humor :)

    Happy Christopher, hope you and your family enjoy the holy holiday.

    And thank you for putting up with my often offensive sense of humor

    thanks you guys,


  8. thanks for this nice remember when.
    the poem sings...

  9. Of course, who, we are twisted. We mirror the situation and have two choices, the lighter and the darker choice. The variations are myriad but the directions are two. The drunken master said, if you want enlightenment, then lighten up. That's the ticket. Have you noticed? God loves a good practical joke.

  10. Harlequin, since you were indefinite, I take it you received a similar instruction once upon a time.

  11. yes indeed....
    it was good advice from a wise sponsor. i've been soooo lucky.


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