Sunday, December 19, 2010

Your Love Is Arrow Sharp

The Arrow Shot by

Found on One Stop Poetry

The Arrow Shot is a writing prompt on the One Stop Poetry site.

Your Love Is Arrow Sharp

You could be the prow
of the sloop, I the trimmed sails,
you the goddess lines,
me the ground you draw
them on. What am I to do?

I am divided,
cut in half to go
both ways, down both halls and you
in only one, me
not sure which is right
because your love is arrow
sharp and I will bleed.

‎December ‎19, ‎2010 10:44 AM


  1. Simplicity :)

    When I saw the prompt this came to mind
    "shot through the heart and you're to blame, you give love a bad name"

    Cheesy 80's rock, It took me a while to get it out of my head!

    Good stuff especially liked the line "your love is sharp and I will bleed"

  2. And...?


    Faint heart never won fair lady, and all that jazz.

  3. Nice write...happy to meet you here at One Shot...bkm

  4. Love cannot help draining all the blood from your body. lol Well, maybe some. Like the way you wrote both stanzas. Welcome and thanks for linking up today.

  5. Beautifully expressed, I see your quandary (and I see what you saw in the image, at least I think I do). Well done!

  6. Wonderful and metaphorical approach to the prompt. From how you put it, it seems proper that ships and arrows and love go hand in hand in hand... I like this whole incorporation of pictures thing going on too. :)

  7. very nice!
    enjoyed it very much

    thank you

  8. I liked the last line, 'because your love is arrow sharp and I will bleed.' There is always sharp pain in a love gone wrong. I enjoyed your poem today, and look forward to reading more of your poetry.

  9. Maybe I will have the time. Normally I work, that and service takes too much of me to join in here and elsewhere. I don't like it if I don't have the time to get around to the other sites.

    repressed, I like it hugely you got stuck in an 80's song...:D

    Fireblossom, I once took on a lover saying to myself, "this is really going to hurt." Two years later was I ever right.
    I have been fortunate to find ways to not end relationships in the violence and hostility that often happens, but every one of my loves has ended and I have felt that pain.

    gospel, yes the photo looks like the bow of a ship with the lady off to the side of it, while the halls are obvious, and the arrow is in the title.

    Joseph! Long time no connect. We have drifted. I have added pictures ever since I got high speed. Hope you are well.
    Thanks all for your comments.

  10. I'm fascinated with all of what this photo contains, and you identify yet another -- a choice -- a choice already made by one but now considered by another who hesitates. Well done!

  11. Ha! Very beautiful.

    When i would be the sails
    i go where you are taking me
    i am the sails
    no arrow can stop the wind
    from loving me

  12. Yes, indeed, if you are the sails then I am the wind.

  13. This is a beautiful interpretation of the picture - I love the imagery of the ship, and the male and female halves that come together to make it whole.

  14. The division and pain are conveyed so well in your images here. I also felt that choice factor in the picture, the tension in the arch of the woman's body, like a sail or a bow. Fine writing, and as others have said, hope to see more of it.

  15. turn and run
    run while you can!


  16. World's End

    The dust settled down
    after you passed, laying on
    us all, a thin film
    coating every
    outcrop of hope or dream left
    after our tumble
    on this bloodless plain,
    this wasted dry and crackled
    crush of graveled bones.


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