Monday, December 27, 2010

Intermission - Zoe's in town!

Life happened. Sorry. :)

I needed the time to catch up with Zoe, who has gotten an advanced degree from the London School of Economics where she graduated in environmental studies and has gone on to work for an organization doing non profit consulting on environmentally sound urban planning. This organization is headed up by Prince Charles and so she has met him. Prince Charles oddly enough was born a few years after me on my birthday. She is in town visiting her mother and her old friends, soon to go back to continue her work life in London. She claims they don't really pay her enough, but she STARTED with five weeks of vacation as is rather normal for working across the pond. She wrote a proposal for revamping the organization that they have willingly adopted so she has had very early career success. Basically smashing success.

Zoe is the daughter of my last lover. When we started she was finishing high school and lived in the house with us. So I fell in love with her and have been rooting for her success all the way along. I have a very full heart just now.


  1. It shows.

    Have rich and beautiful times.


  2. Aw, so nice! What a wonderful story.
    Thank you for sharing.


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