Saturday, December 4, 2010


El Maestro by Elena Dudina

"We need not think of rebirth only in a future life. We are in actual fact reborn every moment with new thoughts and feelings, and we bring with us the karma that we made in past moments. If we were angry a moment ago, we are not going to feel good immediately. If we were loving a minute ago, we would be feeling fine now. Thus we live from moment to moment with the results of our karma. Every morning, particularly, can be seen as a rebirth. The day is young, we are full of energy, and have a whole day ahead of us. Every moment we get older and are tired enough in the evening to fall asleep and die a small death. All we can do then is toss and turn in bed, and our mind is dreamy and foggy. Every day can be regarded as a whole lifespan, since we can only live one day at a time; the past is gone and the future may or may not come; only this rebirth, this day, this moment, is important." - Ayya Khema

Being reborn every moment is actually radically true. Just as there is a blind spot in your eye that you have trained into not seeing, the gaps in your presence on the planet are also invisible. It is part of meditation practice to become mindful enough to shatter the habits of mind that prevent seeing reality for what it is. One of the things that LSD can do is shatter that training, but it is not predictable in two main ways, first you may not go there even if you want to, and second if you do it might be beautiful or it might be ugly, it might be serene or it might be a nightmare and it is not controllable nor does it subside quickly.

***a dream***

I shall let this go into the world though it will not say what it once said, now that the wall has toppled and the tower has fallen. The dragon's egg has crumbled to dust and my heart drowned in its own red blood. She has lost the throne to treachery and I could not stop it. They bound me so that I could not speak. They bound me so that my limbs could not sign. They blinded me so that I could not emit the light and they stopped my ears with wax so that my inner song could not come forth.

When they let me go, after they had done what they intended, I was left with this to say, shining and then dimming before me so that now the Word is just words.


Oh doubters of the Word
remember that Word is the heart
of magic, the heart of God,
the start of the world,
the color of Truth.

Oh believers in the Word
forget not the work,
nor the threads of the weave,
nor the roots of the world,
revealed when we sing the Truth,
sing the fiery incantation.

September 13, 2009 7:45 AM


  1. Is it the Word, or space before the Word
    Today, I saw the wind, run a waterfall back up a cliff.
    Paint portraits in a sea of grass and dance with the water on the Big River.
    Today, I spoke a prayer into the Weave.
    Through the oldest of old, the red hot stones, our ancestors.
    Through the roots of the World,
    To her molten core where she will birth it anew, for all to sing.

  2. I think I like what I just wrote. I think I may refine it someday with some fancier descriptive word s.

  3. Dear Ms. Zombie, there is a freshness in what you wrote that I hope you will keep when you rewrite. I agree with you that some work is still to come but not much. As for your question, it matters what you are looking at. Here is a link:


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