Monday, December 6, 2010

How I Touch You As I Wish

September 13, 2009 was one of the good days for poetry. Beginning about 10 AM the poems began to come with Apian Fate, I finished that poem at 10:17, and finished Inspiration at 10:28. Then I took a little rest but returned with The First Fall Rain and finished it at 11:33. An hour later I finished today's posted poem. I wasn't done yet though I rested a couple hours before the next one, I Want You Back, due to post tomorrow, and finally the last one, Another Day, Same Old, finished at 4:50 PM. I don't usually point this out but I have had many multiple poem days. The biggest day has been seven poems. That's why I add the time of day to the date. I keep thinking I may sometime learn something from the sort of poem within the time I wrote it. Here is a noon hour poem...

How I Touch You As I Wish

I am in the breeze
that lifts your shirt away from
warm skin and your sweat
from the garden raking
and the stooped way you pull weeds.

I could not stay long
and far from that view
you offered me (not knowing so)
but without your leave
to touch the sweet life
you display for me, I must
change into the wind.

September 13, 2009 12:33 PM


  1. this is a good one Christopher
    is sounds like you have some pretty prolific days.

    Wouldn't it be nice to know and to have it quickly discerned whether days were Apian Fate, or foolish

    Apian Way, or way away from the places each of us belong

    Even if there was some random loss of beauty due to never expressing a few sad songs because the pain the births them was not felt or known.

    I don't really see it as a loss if there is poetry I never here, only if it is because that poet didn't feel that pain. More times than I think it was a feeling and expression that has been repeated be countless others.

    And the rare times is has not, it probably not a loss but more of a postponement

    (and i think your word verification just insulted me :))

  2. The intimacy of her shirt at play, well, that can almost be felt here, certainly imagined. It is beautiful. The narrator full of longing - these can be good and long hard days.

    I love being in those days of spontaneous write. There's no control of them. They find you.


  3. :D It is absolutely square in the middle of my word ver job description that it insult people. Sometimes it is oracular in nature and predicts doom. Other times it is frivolous and demands ice cream for addled orphans who do not exist. This is not too far from the cat who thinks he is doing me a favor by leaving bird heads and a few feathers on my front porch as honorifics and awards for my service as a truly consistent food pump. I have received five heads and I presume I am still counting.

  4. Erin, When I finish a poem like this one I often think of you because you write this kind of immediate and sensual stuff. I feel you close beside me on the path most days.

  5. either way, ice cream on the nudy picture painting that looks like she isn't wearing undies or damn it all to hell with the devil

    either way your word verfiy called me a dickhead

    no ifs and or and or buts

    Christian Christopher

    I demand rrreprimand , if you can't deliver it unto the comment god of sacrificial words as insults

    then if it is only us around, please slap Erin once or twice, go ahead, the cameras are rolling

  6. she is high as a kite, and she been poesessed by Shakespeare

    smack her Chris! I go get the constable if she is not locked up until she comes down she will probably kill us all.

    she's hefferd up on goofballs

  7. Wordver may have been accurate...

    Gotta go to work.

    Erin's Robert may climb right through the screen and stare you down if you play too lightly with her, as for me, the last thing I will ever do is smack her. She is far too valuable to me just as she is.

    As for reprimand of wordver...nah! :D

  8. Lovely! Yes, some days are so full of creative efforts; some are not.

  9. Hi, ms lakeviewer. Thank you. A
    while back, I was making the claim that I would average two poems a day. I have not kept my word to myself. However, after a fallow period, I have been keeping the average of one a day. However the average belies the truth. I have several days with several poems, a few days with just one, and many days without a poem. Just in case "who" is still checking things out, I want everyone to know I just got insulted by my own word ver which has decided something about this comment is "loutsy" which fairly obviously means something lousy written by a lout.

  10. I love the poem, the imagery. How often watching and feeling like there is no where else for a moment in time, just thinking about a touch.

  11. :)
    yes I came back, although somedays (many) I go some many places and leave so many off topic comments that sometimes offend I often do not no where to go back to even if I wanted to and I don't usually use the email notify option if there is the option unless i left them a poem-like reactionary comment.

    Somedays writing comes easy, but everyday is like pulling teeth (and i have no cavities so those bastards are in there good) everyday is pulling teeth if I proofread are sharpen up my words.

    so I don't and I only write wrought drafts. But I found people who are happy with that and want to polish it for me.

    I think you know I was completely joking around about smacking Erin and I was not upset with word verify insulting me.

  12. Yes "who" (the d-c man), I know you were kidding...I get about 40 hits a day now and I don't know if they all knew you were kidding. Probably most don't care but you did get a little rough with Erin there, kidding or no, and she is a fine lady, spiritual honest beautiful (stunning might be a better word from what I have seen) loving and smart, AND most bestest of all, she actually likes ME. We say we love each other and we probably both mean it. The only things keeping me sane, I'm old, she lives in Eastern Canada and she lives with Robert, who I know also.

    Mr. Who, you are totally welcome here. I enjoy your drop ins. I know you are essentially harmless if a little quirky. But so am I, too much acid...

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. yes you're right. I am sorry Erin, I was only foolin

  15. Well done. That makes you a genuine friend of mine if you want it. You are stand up. Of course friendship doesn't come to much out here in the electric wilderness.

  16. of course and thank you christopher. I think it is more like a vacuum (this wilderness)

    have a good weekend

  17. According to theoretical physicists the vacuum between us all is under stress which is expressed as a kind of energy. It is this vacuum energy that in some theories makes up at least one component if not the whole of the so-called "dark energy" that is 75% of everything in the universe, This 75%, the dark energy is the repulsive force which drives the acceleration in the expansion of space/time itself. It is that acceleration that we see in the red shift, characteristic of looking into the great distances. That is why when looking at the cosmic microwave background more than 13 billion light years away (and into the past) you also look in the radio frequencies. What was once blinding light, much of it beyond ultraviolet is now a low radio frequency grumble, having been stretched out in the red.

    I already sensed this outstanding quality in your character, my friend. However much you fool around out here in the vacuum, underneath you have an integrity that comes through, at least for me.

  18. Ah, this one is supremely lovely, too.

  19. Rachel I am always happier when you visit.


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