Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Almost Night

The Road To Oalovah - click on this a couple times to magnify it and then rest a while.

I was stumbling around and fell over this lovely picture, and I would recommend clicking on this one a couple times to get the full effect of it as well.

"Every now and then, I'll meet an escapee, someone who has broken free of self-centeredness and lit out for the territory of compassion. You've met them, too, those people who seem to emit a steady stream of, for want of a better word, love-vibes. As soon as you come within range, you feel embraced, accepted for who you are. For those of us who suspect that you rarely get something for nothing, such geniality can be discomfiting. Yet it feels so good to be around them. They stand there, radiating photons of goodwill, and despite yourself you beam back, and the world, in a twinkling, changes." - Mark Barasch

I think this is a little overstated but I am sure it is in the right ball bark. By the way, this is distinct from saying a person is thinking positive. While thinking positive can help, it ultimately must transform into the capacity to shine in the worst disasters, allowing the devastated to be precisely that because they really are devastated and to willingly walk in the dark because that is where the light is needed most.

Wiki says
Marc Ian Barasch (born 1949, harrumph! younger than me as so many are these days...) is a non-fiction author, film and television writer-producer, magazine editor, and environmental activist. Major books written by Barasch are The Healing Path (1992), Remarkable Recovery (1995), Healing Dreams (2001) and Field Notes on the Compassionate Life (2005). He has been an editor at New Age Journal (which won a National Magazine Award and a Washington Monthly Award for Investigative Journalism under his tenure); Psychology Today (where he was a finalist for the PEN Award); and Natural Health. He has also done journalistic writing for Conde Nast publications on the arts and the environment. He is founder and C.E.O. of the Green World Campaign (2006-present). Check him out on the web if you are interested. There is much more to know.

It's Almost Night

If I wait for you
perhaps I will not lose sight
and the lake will let
me walk on water
as I remember we once
did, back in those days.

I will just hunker
here all slinky shaped, feathers
tight and backlit right.

September 16, 2009 12:42 PM


  1. Whatever, i did click on the pictures and they are quite lovely, but still nothing like Mother Nature herself. And for people radiating love, i have been blessed to have encounters like that. Again Nature more often lights me up like that.
    But now for your poem...
    That! comes closes to... whatever. Here i am after been away for a while and you post something so beautiful. Thank you :)

  2. I see you, good friend. I see you and my heart is glad. I hope it all worked as you wanted it to.


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