Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Redpoll Meditation

This one I believe is a result of pictures posted on Lucy’s Box Elder, or Jozien’s KEEPER OF WILD PLACES. There are no redpolls around here. I liked the name of these rather plain little birds. I took a quick look and think there could be redpolls nearby. They like birch trees. There are birch stands in Oregon, I think. I like finches best. That’s what I get here the most, House Finches and Goldfinches.

A Redpoll Meditation

I sit on my branch
amused at the two-footed
all bundled below.
She, yes I know it,
is unable to ruffle
feathers with all that
stuff on. I wonder
how she can scratch her itches
with her mittened hands.

March 18, 2009 8:26 PM


  1. Without going on and on I want to say I am taken by the line
    how can she scratch her itches with her mittens on. Yes.

  2. Oh that is nice!

    I think I've seen redpolls, years ago in the UK. I photographed linnets last year, a family of which hung around in the garden for a week or so then moved on. They're quite similar to redpolls.

    I often wonder what the folk of the air think of us. I was touched to hear on the news how much people had spent on wild bird food over the snowy spell.

  3. Linda, It is a quandary of course. I think two ways: the critters look at us and think clothes are stupid, and as well they look at us and think that we lack fur or feathers which is even more stupid.

    Hi Lucy, so it would be Jozien's blog. I put more weight on her blog, having trouble placing birches in Britanny. That's what I read last night, that Linnets are like redpolls. I know at least one human who thinks the birds are rats with wings. That surprised me but I can see why someone would think mainly they are dirty little messes. I believe birds prefer not to think of us if they can.

  4. Guess my mittens were drugs and alcohol once......funny where the mind takes you.


  5. Michelle, I guess now the gloves are off!

    Is that a phrase used under the Southern Cross?

    American idiom for frank, even brutal, encounter, as if gloves are equal to diplomacy.

    The immediate thought: comes from the difference between boxing with gloves and bare knuckle fighting. However, this one could easily reach back to chivalry and the difference comparing disputes between gentlemen and disputes between the lower classes.

  6. Yeah, bare knuckles some days but mostly I just sit in the corner and breathe......:)


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