Friday, January 15, 2010

Embroidery Art

This is a true story about a lover who knew how to draw using embroidery art. She created a remarkable lion’s head on my tee shirt. I did feel just like this. I would have married that woman. How God pried me free of her is one of the primary stories of my life. Why do I have to nearly die to do the right thing?


I am a hard head. The truth, it wasn’t only her, not even by half, but a whole lifestyle and livelihood that expelled me violently, projectile vomit. That was when I stopped being an outlaw and got a day job. I got another girl friend, a new town to live in, eventually a move to Oregon, a career and a wife. When that woman visited me in Oregon, one time, just passing through, I saw her very differently, but my own heart was still torqued sideways. It was only two years passed.

Embroidery Art

I watched stitch by stitch
as you built the lion's head
in many colors
over my true heart,
embroidered on my black tee
just as if I earned
this special warm care
from you, as if you knighted
me into love's realm.

March 18, 2009 11:47 AM


  1. This was lovely. The preamble and the poem. But I am unclear...did you feel it a good thing to be pried from her, or a mistake? Sometimes we will never know eh? But now, I am curious.

  2. What i find hard, (i can't swim upstream and am always nicely cleaned up after an oil spill due to heartache) that even within two years it never is the same, that too makes me want to hang on to the pain, and not wanting to be rescued. Maybe i should learn to swim upstream?
    (i am reading 3 posts, is that considered going upstream?)

  3. {{{Liz}}}

    Annie, it was a God thing to be pried loose. It was good for me, good for my true self, good for the Work and the Way, but not necessarily good for my heart. I have a broken picker as some people call it.

    Jozien, I understand your objection to moving on. All three of these poems don't fit together that easily in my heart. It is interesting that you are trying that on for size. Everything changes. Even if you were to keep the relationship somehow through the tough time, that would change the relationship. Don't you think that's so?

  4. What a beautiful poem Christopher. How wonderful are the colors of love.

  5. It's always those unique and unexpected talents that do the trick, isn't it. :)

  6. I think you are like me. A romantic and maybe a dreamer. I like it like that but damn it's painful sometimes


  7. Joseph when she did that it came out of nowhere, was a complete surprise. I had no idea anyone could let alone she could sculpt with threads of many colors like that.

    Michelle, the rude part comes when the first one decides reality weighs more than the fantasy does.


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