Tuesday, January 26, 2010

That's The Fact

Er…I don’t really have to say much about this one, do I?

That's The Fact

I am getting old-
that's the fact, Jack. I shall say
my piece, write my words
and watch things grow like
spring's best work headed toward
grand orgasmic bliss
and let you know how
I remember what that is
Oh YES I really

March 22, 2009 8:07 PM


  1. I am SO very sure of THAT!



  2. Grand orgasmic bliss? Hmmm...better not say too much!

  3. are we then to be reduced
    to remembering it
    and not being lost to it?
    i don't like that one bit.

  4. :D

    I hope it's something one could never forget!

  5. Karen, there's a glint in your eye.
    *glint* - Scandanavian origin into Middle English as *glent*. It brings oblique movement and reflection, like the spark from a sword striking armor. This moves through Old Norse, Swedish, Old High German, Russian and is related to Old English, oddly enough the color yellow. Obliqueness and movement and finally the color of the flash. An ancient word not borrowed from the Mediterranean world anywhere along the way.

    I love knowing things like this.

    Erin, that is precisely what got me to spend a month on LSD back in the day, trying to be lost to it :) I couldn't believe that it wasn't possible. I had to reframe my belief. It is possible but I have to transform myself in a radical way along spiritual lines, an alchemy of my nature. I had to also ask myself that question, that dreaded question, "Is this really what I came here for?" It isn't. :(

    Jon, Me too. It may turn out to be less important though. A friend says that life has a tough shit category, and this shift in importance may belong to that category. We older folk begin to say that we forget how. That's only half in jest.

  6. i don't have any organismic functions...

  7. I am not quite sure I should take you seriously on this one.

  8. You make my eyes glint and my mouth stretch into a big smile.


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