Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Mage Of Winds

If you don’t like the poem so much the way it is written, then try reversing the voices. Don’t say, “You are a wizard”, say “I am a wizard.” And so on. It is easily done and works just fine until right at the end. But I am not the Mage of Winds. I am the Man of the Northern Wall. This Mage was my first teacher.

The Mage Of Winds

You are a wizard,
a mage of winds, of the wand.
When you stand upright
your bones are revealed
as dark emerald. You warned
me I would see this
before you stood up.
Now you tell me fire blooms in
a cave in the air
behind you, secret,
not available to any
but you and the wind.
You say poets might
know what you mean when you say
such things. I wonder.

March 17, 2009 11:18 AM


  1. I say you are a wizard, mage
    I, who have loved you always
    in all of your when's
    whichever face you wear....
    my God told me this
    as he watched me make you

  2. -fire blooms in a cave in the air-
    beautiful, but what does it mean?

  3. Michelle, yes.

    Jozien, I am unable to tell you, but even so the truth is yours.

  4. The last three posts all arrived in my inbox at once. Wondrous.

    And oh, those bones of dark emerald!

  5. Fortunate to have a teacher like that. :)

  6. Lucy, I forget where and what exactly but the image is not completely mine, the bones of dark emerald are taken from something distantly similar. Too bad that I can't make all this stuff up myself.

    Joseph, my teacher was not in this lifetime unfortunately.

  7. I can't help thinking of the image of Merlin in his crystal cave.

  8. Karen, the lives of men and women are lived in similar ways, and so the lies of the magi.


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