Saturday, January 2, 2010

Out In The Night

I have had to run before. I have had to get out of town, leave the state and stay away awhile. To my recollection, I have never run as far as this poem says in this lifetime. In general I have been taught that I should be careful with the tool of geographical change, or extra-galactic change for that matter because I need to be clear where the real threat lies. No matter where I go, there I am. I take the vultures in my head with me.

As this poem suggests, it is better to run to something than from something.

Out In The Night

I left this place in
a hurry, aimed at open
space, at the old dust
found outside clusters,
outside galaxies where dark
matter stirs to tunes
emitted by dark
energy, out in the night
where stars are so sparse,
where solitude is.

I have gone there to weave spells,
to sing the old songs.

March 14, 2009 8:59 PM


  1. ahhhh, that sounds like a beautiful place to run to.
    Make sure you dress warm :)

  2. You wrote this on my birthday :)

    love you


  3. My birthday is Nov. 14. My mother's was May 14. I would probably be a total fool for you. Scorpio to Pisces is a very good fit for easy relations.

  4. Just beautiful!

    Love the exposition - taking the vultures in your head - so true.

  5. we all need a soft place to fall and this sounds like a soft landing.

  6. To sing the old songs...revisit the past, take solace in dusty moments whose edges have softened. We all do it. It is a warm and cushy place, like the melancholy of a deep alcohol buzz. But sometimes I still wake up with a headache. Must be those damn vultures.

  7. Oooh. Don't get me started on the vultures. If it wasn't for the vultures and the gremlins my life would be friggin perfect.

    But people, I guess this poem is confusing, making the empty spaces outside the galaxies feel like a fireside in a cave in the dark of a primitive night.

    Getting to extra-galactic space requires technology of a higher order than we have or else out of body travel (I assume this). The primary experience would be a vacuum harder (as science calls it) than we can create here on the planet, harder by far than that nearby planet earth. In that vacuum, only a couple degrees above absolute zero, where all motion of matter ceases, there are high energy bullets of quanta that come by occasionally, depending on your location, and if you are relatively near galactic clusters, then whatever it is that is called dark matter abounds. But dark matter can't be detected easily, so you wouldn't know. You are left with dark energy that is everywhere and causes the very fabric of spacetime to expand everywhere, but that stuff is even more difficult to find than dark matter for beings such as us.

    So what the experience is, an isolation and a cold beyond anything easily imagined. It is this cold and dark that the original creation left behind. The spells and songs are of that, of "nothing".

    Only spirit can be found in "nothing". Or as the Hindus say, Not this, not that, neti, neti.

  8. The old songs -- the songs the stars sing. The vibrations of dust. Your words weaving spells.

    I love seeing that Ghost Dansing is back to leaving comments!! :)

    Hugs to you Christopher :)

  9. Not only is Ghost back, Liz, but Ghost brought a photo of the Bus. The Merry Pranksters used "Further" to travel back in the day. That's the bus that Black Mariah was on, Carolyn Hannah. Carolyn and her brother Steve were members of my church group, lovely black haired kids. Then she joined up with Kesey and Casady and the others serving "electric kool aid" for free.

    This picture is of the bus fully retired, at that time an in place experiment of how fast nature can take the works of man back over. Resurrected, I guess it could be the vehicle of extra-galactic excursions.

  10. I love the photo of the Bus --

    If you do go on extra-galatic excursions in it, please consider an extra passenger ;)

  11. Liz, you would have to get a note from your family proving you have permission to depart. It takes longer than a couple minutes to get out that far and funny things happen to time when you go.

    I have never found the key that takes you back to the time you left.

  12. Funny things happen to time
    Like the way water falls
    and the space between the notes
    of bird songs
    funny things happen as we move
    past this world into the other
    where the stars shine
    so brightly
    and breath can be taken away
    because no longer do we need
    to sigh
    sing instead with the stars
    I have this note here
    pinned to my sweater.
    It says bring her back whole
    It is worth a try....

  13. When you put it that way...

    Here we go then.

    Buckle up.

  14. Oh goody!! Michelle has a note too, right? :) I am ready!


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