Sunday, January 31, 2010

Returning To Work

I rejected three poems in a row, not suitable and the next one is marginal in my eyes tonight. I think I am not okay with my own work right now. I think I am right on those three poems, which lacked heart, or coherence. The first one had a good theme but the poem was garbled and I don't have the time or heart to fix it. Maybe someday. My pile of rejects might be salvageable. I so rarely go back over territory I have already crossed, though. That is one thing about me that I know very well. I don't go back.

I return to work tomorrow from four months off. I had to take medical leave and then I had a bad car accident which added another month on. More medical leave. I am okay now, I hope.


  1. Reading your post....I was wondering....If I were off work for four months.. for whatever reason....could I return? Don't get me wrong I love what I do...but for me there is a draw now to doing what the spirit moves me to do:>)

  2. Well... sorry to hear that you're back to the grind... but then on the flip side... glad to hear you're feeling up to it. Good luck on your first day back!

  3. Maybe your discontent with your writing is related to the impending changes in your life?

    I think we may be our own harshest critics, although I sometimes post things that I know are drafts and will be reworked, but you should see my pile of rejects.

    Hope the day at work goes well for you. The good news is that you are able!

  4. Thank you, people. Karen, of course this is related to the coming changes. The good news is that I am able. And that's the bad news too. I frankly am desperate for retirement. I am now in the unenviable position that so many are, that I simply have to work. I have no wish to at all.

    On the other hand, I am blessed with work that pays well and also gives some satisfaction because there is skill and art involved. I still have my job because I am in certain ways irreplaceable without an unacceptable price. My boss carried my insurance through this time, waiting for me.

    We are always replaceable but the price of replacement makes the issue moot. My boss is in that position big time, fortunate for me.

  5. Ahhh bugger! Well, the show must go on I suppose. I am about to have a couple of months off work. I will likely be bored stiff in 5 minutes.....sigh


  6. Getting bored doesn't happen to me but my life slows down very nicely. I like my morning and afternoon naps. I took cat lessons.

  7. Stay strong, good health, and good fortune to you. :)

  8. Christopher.

    You back to work and me just finished with my long term substitute job and too much time on my hand!

    Are you not okay with your work right now -- or your work from months ago? Because when I wander around and see your recent work on other blogs and my own -- well, very much okay ... more than okay. You will be quite pleased, I think months from now when you post them :).

    Sometimes it is good to let some poems go. I do that a lot!

    I am glad (more than glad) that you are okay now. Sorry you have to go back to the grind.

    my love to you.


  9. Thank you, Joseph.

    Liz, you are right. The poems I find too unfinished or ill timed or falsely conceived are poems I did in March of 2009. I am not sure why they failed. I don't own my words. I trained up to release my creative efforts with over thirty years of drafting for someone else.

  10. I hope you are okay. Here's to gentle transitions.

  11. It is going well enough. Thanks Rachel.


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