Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rejoice And Rejoice

Love is lost, love is found again. Love is lost again. I believe it is fundamental to living well that I master this beginning and ending of love. I have learned that I am passionate and want to be. I do not wish to learn to use the sanding tool of experience on my highs just to avoid my lows. I want the highs. I want to play the music.

I must be born into love and die out. My love thrusts in two directions, Eros, and Theos. There is sometimes no distance between them. Other times passion becomes the basis of the world and I can all but forget God. Once in my life passion became the basis of God and I all but forgot the world. It was made plain that would not be my walk.

Remnants remain in my dream, my music, my poetry, my magic.

The Hindu story of the world says that the beginning was a song. Really, the beginning was a chord, an arrangement of uncounted pure sounds in a divine and infinite harmony that formed the whole of all possibilities. It is this sustained chord that holds us up right now. And God Said, Let There BE SOUND. And it was good. They claim that our speech is the most sacred thing we have, especially when we speak spirit, when we sing our hearts. That is why certain syllables are sacred, and chanting is one form of effective prayer.

The Moola Mantra

Om sat chit ananda
para Brahma
purushothama param Atma
Om sri bhagavati sametha
sri bhagavate namaha.
Hari Om tat sat.


Rejoice And Rejoice

I remember that.
I remember the goddess.
I was saved by her,
Though it did not last.
In the ending a sound ripped
through me and beyond
to the farthest reach.
In the beginning was sound,
so also the end.
I was born in sound.
So I also died, and lived
again, loved again.
I will not predict,
cannot but hold you up now,
rejoice and rejoice.

March 17, 2009 8:31 PM


  1. Love.





    Who said these were seperate things?

    Not me...rejoice and rejoice...indeed


  2. Sound and language and birth and death - love and love - rejoice!


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