Monday, January 18, 2010

I Replied

This moment goes back to the few days before everything changed for me. It is the heart of what actually happened in the afternoon of a fall day, in November of 1966. The setting is the living room of my downstairs bachelor one bedroom apartment in a fourplex upstairs/downstairs southwest of San Jose State. This was before the state system upgraded the college to a state university. The setting is in contrast also a golden fog lit with inner light, a place with no definite edges, corners, walls, or floor and a consciousness that was bodiless and singular. There was no one else, nothing else in that nowhere place. There was no thought, no narrative, no self, just awareness. My return to my living room holds this memory of awareness as clear as the room is. This is what Bruce did and said. This is what I said.

I Replied

When I came awake,
flat on my back with sore head,
you were laying there
on our ratty couch
laughing hard, hysterically.
Your freckles glowed red.
Your eyes flamed ice blue.
You asked, Did you get the point?
I replied, I died.

March 20, 2009 12:24 PM


  1. Well, I was 6 months old and far too young for trippin'.....:)

  2. You are Tauroid? I was twenty one that November. I was just starting to get high, and this was days before my first acid trip.

  3. The glowing freckles versus the flaming eyes works really well...

    I can't tell if "I died" is good or bad or both or neither here, and I suppose that's what charms me about it. :)

  4. Oooops, okay then, 8 months old :)
    I remember my first shot.....arghhhhh, I could tell I hadn't lived.
    Deluded young thing I was, and I was right too, I just didn't realise what 'living' meant.




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