Wednesday, December 16, 2015

True Love - Three Word Wednesday

Thom, in sitting with the three words you chose this week for a while, I got more and more vicious. You chose


Here's the result:

True Love

Your savage eyes rip
my skin off and blister what's
left of my sinew
no matter how I
try to settle you back down
after this latest
conflict between us.
Small wonder I'm like swollen
gas bubbles about
to erupt from volcanic
patches of boiled mud.

I get all tense just
thinking of how vengeful I'll
feel for the next week,
and how carefully
I will have to behave not to
create the trouble
I can deny I meant to,
whistling all the while.

‎December ‎16, ‎2015 4:34 PM

Has to be true love. No other state could produce such volcanism. Go to Three Word Wednesday to link to the offerings of the other contributors.


  1. you can feel pain oozing out of this.

  2. I'm like swollen indigestible gas bubbles - couldn't help but make me chuckle..we are all human and must endure each others idiosyncrasies i suppose

  3. Oh, wow, Christopher. You haven't lost your touch!

  4. As we rub against one another, heat of all sorts collects and changes the atmosphere between us.

  5. Christopher, here is my reply.

    Your narcissistic flower

    Your malicious glare rips through
    this cellophane wall
    I’ve so carefully
    drawn over my ragged nerves

    but to my surprise
    I feel nothing,
    nothing at all.

    Your narcissistic flower
    blooms bilious yellow
    in the corner of the room.

    If I fail to bring it water
    will it shrivel
    and die?

    1. OMG!! I hope you have also been writing upbeat things lately. I think I felt a piece of my soul fall off in despair. In the corner of the room it is shriveling up and dying.

    2. I take things fairly personally of course.

    3. Don't take it personally! I was just having one of those days, and something resonated for me in your poem.

    4. As for upbeat writing, there's a lot of satire buried in the book I'm currently writing with Ursula. We are having way too much fun!

    5. I think the mother/daughter collaboration that you are engaging in is very cool. What a wonderful life experience for the both of you. I bet Ursula turns out to be without compare on the planet no matter what level of public life she gets to. You are my hero-Mom. Heroine... I know but that word is too artificial for this simple feeling. Big hugs.


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