Sunday, December 20, 2015

If I Had A Daughter - A Magpie Tale

Image supplied by Tess Kincaid for the Sunday, Dec. 20, 2015 posting of Magpie Tales, Mag 299.

If I Had A Daughter

So I let her go
and she went to Luxembourg
by way of Gabon.
She hooked up with him
there and is now no longer
my sweet little girl
even though she comes
home sometimes, a flash of joy
in green, blue and gray.
Her darkened hair flows
in her recent style. She speaks
in European
and African French
though she still gets all her mail
near the kitchen sink
right here on High Street.

December 20, 2015 2:27 PM


  1. daughters....they do that!! xx

  2. ah yes.....our children do grow up and away!

  3. aw but I am sure you are happy that she is happy:).

  4. I don't actually have a daughter. No kids on purpose.

  5. love that ! ....mail the best communicator

  6. And adventure forth they must! I appreciate your parents more and more!

    1. This is actually a picture of a real daughter, just not my daughter. I have no daughter, nor a son, though somewhere in the world is a young man named after me even though not mine. I treated his mother kindly at a critical moment and the boy was named Chrisman. That is the first of my first name hitched to the last of may last name. I never really understood why she did that.

  7. "If I had a daughter" that's a lovely take. Chris, you continue to touch hearts! Concise, yet imaginative.

  8. You have captured the experience well Christopher. Beautiful writing indeed!


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