Sunday, December 6, 2015

Road Rash - A Magpie Tale

Photo by Tess Kincaid

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Road Rash

My road worn spatial
turn of heart, my gears grinding
on the rising grade
lined with dull white stripes
and I worry will the brakes
hold on the descent?

I am pneumatic
and awash in old flood tides
so that I float high
though I bounce and roll
and then come to rest battered
on your city street
in drunken relief
beside the nativities
you offer my shade.

‎December ‎6, ‎2015 1:37 PM


  1. Nicely done...thanks for sharing

  2. Santa coming down from the mountain? I liked the way the words flowed but...ive no idea what they were saying. teehee

  3. I could be more explicit but then I would have to kill you. That's a messy business.


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