Wednesday, December 2, 2015

In My Hut - Three Word Wednesday

The Muir Hut

Muir Pass is a mountain pass in the Sierra Nevada of California, United States, in Kings Canyon National Park. It is named for John Muir.

The pass is near the midway point of the John Muir Trail, which traverses the pass. It crosses the Goddard Divide between Mount Solomons and Mount Warlow, at an elevation of 11,955 feet (3,644 m). The Muir Hut, built by the Sierra Club, is at the summit of the pass.

This week Thom has chosen these three words


Now I am to write something using these words and link to the Three Word Wednesday site for week No. 456.

In My Makeshift Hut

In my makeshift hut
you will find no mirrored wall
and I walk around
in the nude as if
there are no splinters and no
passers-by the hole
I use for entry.
I am lackadaisical
about this fine fix
I am in but still...
in one corner I've hung drapes
to hide my rotund
form as I lie down
and try to find some good dream
about what we once had.

December 2, 2015 6:49 PM

It's doggerel but it does include the three words. It also keeps the syllabic form I use. It's also a match to my actual condition, sort of as I live now in a basement with rough cut floor beams close above my head. Oh well. I was just fired by a key medical clinic too. I have to sort this out with my doctor.

The Muir Hut Interior

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