Friday, December 11, 2015

Lake Placid-Three Word Wednesday

Lake Placid, in the Adirondacks, New York.

I am behind due to being under the weather. This may account for my bloody turn of mind as well. I have alligators chasing my ass, as they say. On Three Word Wednesday Thom offered us these three words


The first two seem an obvious reference to the Lake Placid movie franchise. Oddly, the lake in the movie is not Lake Placid but instead is called Black Lake, Maine. Black Lake is not far from the village called Fort Kent, the home of the University of Maine at Fort Kent.

Lake Placid

The old newspaper
is brittle and open to
the page you last scanned
as I remember:
Obituary lower
right - weddings lower
left - and property
for sale - north shore, Lake Placid.
That alligator
screwed up the estate
sales up there and took quavers
and tones, lost semi's
hanging out with me
alone and all left dangling.

We were resonant
once, not yet broken,
but then you split your fresh peas
from my red kidneys
with acerbity
and rode off into the cloud
of my unknowing.

‎December ‎11, ‎2015 11:54 AM


  1. Your wine

    As we sat by the lake
    While you sipped your wine
    And I drank my gin
    But at that time
    To do that was okay
    Crossing that invisible line
    Had not happened yet
    You talked
    I listened
    About lakes
    And particles
    And fission
    While you described
    The entomology of the words
    We used
    I heard in your voice
    A discordant tone
    And I knew
    Were you alone
    Sitting by yourself
    At home
    It would be real life
    No longer a poem
    We never drank together
    Your wine
    Speaks to my gin
    Breeding trust and comfort
    I begin to see
    All that life has taken from me
    Gifting me
    Lifting me
    Offering me
    Gin free conversations
    Next to a lake
    In my mind

    Chris McQueeney. ©2015

  2. Semiquavers and semitones are references to music... The piano progresses in semitones when you include the black keys. A semiquaver is the duration of each note... a "half" quaver. A semiquaver is a sixteenth note - a sixteenth part of a four beat whole note. Whole, half, quarter, eighth, and sixteenth note. All music note notation is based in this way on 4/4 time divisions. A whole note in 3/4 time is a dotted half note "d."

    1. So also, Whole Half Quarter Quaver, Semiquaver.


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