Sunday, December 21, 2014

Stage Fright - Sunday Whirl Wordle 192

Stevie Nicks early in 2014, I think.

Stage Fright

Stevie Nicks and me
backstage - your eyes snag the burn
in my panic sweat -
oh, I am so high,
I cannot perfom tonight -
five thousand stars shine
in ten thousand eyes.
Always my gal, my good heart,
my sweet talk and choice.
I cannot go on,
not before this crowd who loves
you, does not know me,
even with the help
you spill onto my dry face.
Ms. Nicks, be my lace.

‎December ‎21, ‎2014 11:55 AM

Had one of Stevie's albums playing. She is one of the best ones.
This poem utilizes all twelve words in Brenda's Wordle 192.
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  1. Now I'm this fact or fiction...or a little of both....I would love to know...your poems always make me want to know more about you and your adventures!

    1. The stage fright is real. My fondness for Stevie is real. My being on stage just me and a gal is real. Her name was Merrie Klinge. My choke from stage fright and her save at the show's very beginning was horribly real. My closeness to rock and roll at one point years ago was real. Me avoiding telling you whether I know Stevie is real too.

    2. Haha...great post and I love this comment just about as much as the initial post :-)

  2. Thank you for sharing - like a true storyteller...keeping those little treasures just a little in your pocket....where they should be....seasons greetings to you..may it be a rock and roll Christmas and New Year


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