Thursday, December 11, 2014

By The Standing Stone-A Red Wolf Poem

By The Standing Stone

Behind me, you sit
so still I forget how it
starts and accept flocks
of crows as normal
for this time and conquered place
as the slatted chair
fades to the nothing
it must on this windy slope.
I stand bare footed
toes gripping the peat
as the wind takes small loose things
away from the front
past me, past my sight.
I think I see her below
but I am not sure.
I feel an absence
that may go on forever,
how it feels, like dust
or an occupied
land buried in black armies
and endless red tape.

(Note from the report of subject 1013:
mesmerized 11Dec1904)

‎December ‎11, ‎2014 11:14 AM

Written For Red Wolf Poems on this week's theme of going into trance. Click on the link to get instructions, read the comments and find links to other takes on the assignment. You will have to scroll down a ways to get the comments.

Red Wolf


  1. I love the place this brought you to and the feeling of in front and behind - a physical sense of inner and outer...interesting and the image is excellent...that stone has real presence.

  2. The poem evoked an ethereal sense of loss, Christopher.


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