Sunday, December 14, 2014

Space Opera 191 - Sunday Whirl

Wordle 191 offered by Brenda for this weeks Sunday Whirl. Go to the green Mr. Linky at the bottom to click through to the contributor list.

Space Opera 191

Your spacecraft killed all
thirteen angels God assigned
to hold the Moon's track.
That's why we renamed
it the Spinning Lunatic.
It was a tangle
at first, a loser
named the Flaming Endeavor
like it would dive down
past the photosphere
and there say a kind of Grace
which would spread the word
forever on ice
and all the rock beneath it,
stony cold planets.
Of course we all know
now that will never hold tread,
nor work no matter
what. That Moon's gonna
hit the Earth in three more days.
Kiss your ass goodbye!

‎December ‎14, ‎2014 10:59 AM


  1. Well, okay then.
    I must prepare.
    Double-jointedness was never my forte.
    But since the end cometh, I will kisseth the end goodbye.

    I liked the image of the:
    "...thirteen angels God assigned
    to hold the Moon's track."


  2. Well done! And fun...kiss your ass good-bye huh? I better get working out...

  3. There are some things human kind and their endeavours...and beliefs can't out challenge...reality and the universe being the biggest! Love the kick ass ending


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