Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I Can't See The Forest Today

I Can't See The Forest Today

Nymphs are still alive
after all this. You told me
how to see them past
the way they disguise
their pale immortality.
You even told me
their true names, not known
today, not to be spoken,
not then, not now. No.

Oh I must tell you
how my chest bubbles open
and my breath fails, falls
across sand mirrors
of too bright color, hand thrown
on the marble floor.

I do not know if
I will find you again, try
with all my screaming
shirt splitting tipped black
waves of bad bad intentions
or my last good ones.
One flowering tree,
one special name I will call
and tear us all down.

‎December ‎23, ‎2014 10:34 AM


  1. Those six lines in the middle are startling and stunning.

    Wishing you well at Christmas and all good things for the coming year; I treasure you up in my heart.

    1. Wow. Thank you Lucy. I am very happy Don and Walt in the early days turned me your direction. It has been six years now. Bless you and Tom and a tip of my head to Mol, wherever she is now.


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